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Meet Our Team!

As you know,

we are very honest

about our products and our business,

So let´s be honest about our story too. We could say we are a family-owned business that has been around for the past three decades, however, the truth is we are a group of people (including family members and friends that feel like family) that decided to build a business together. We all have dogs and, more often than not, these gorgeous animals became important family members, so we decided to build a company that revolves around them.

In 2016, while we were on vacations in Alaska. We went out on a hiking trip, we saw some wolves from the distance, enjoying every bit of being out in nature as we were too. We were missing our dogs and realized our pets should be able to enjoy nature and have a healthier life in every possible aspect; they deserve better food alternatives that can make them feel happy without risking their health. With this very ambitious goal in mind, we started our exhaustive research for alternatives and after thorough analysis, we came to realize that our potential suppliers were closer than what we thought, they were right here, in the same continent.

After an amazing trip to South America, visiting Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, and Argentina we found the perfect suppliers that could produce exactly what we had in mind, at competitive prices and, most importantly, FDA and USDA approved, giving us peace of mind. We decided to partner up with factories that are food safety certified and can provide the highest quality standards for our products having control over all the production line; we were able to visit some farms and saw ourselves truly grass-fed cattle making total sense to work with them on building this business together.

We were confident this idea would work but seeing our dogs´ reaction to the products only made it easier and better for us to know we were creating something big. They are always around us while we have our meetings, it is almost as if they are being part of the discussion and bark every now and then when they feel something is wrong or not as expected, it is really cute!

The minute we started to create products, we tested every one of them with our dogs and they absolutely loved them!

They think it´s “cute” how we interact during their meetings, little do they know we run the business and with every bark or tail swag we are basically guiding them to do exactly what we want them to do.

They think it´s “cute” how we interact during their meetings, little do they know we run the business and with every bark or tail swag we are basically guiding them to do exactly what we want them to do.

I mean, seriously, who can know better what dogs need and want if it´s not us? They think they are in control; we know they are not.

We are not going to completely dismiss our humans in this business, they intend well, but when we put our paws together is when magic really happens. After some really hard work, chasing our tails, and some sudden barks and naps, we created Sitka Farms, a brand built to improve snack needs for our 4-legged friends. Our humans and board of directors created Sitka Farms having our health as the main concern, but none of this would really make sense if we weren´t running the business. Who doesn´t love funny stories, daily truths and some incredible secrets unveiled? We put our paws and brains together to create a strong 4-legged community that is pleased to share their lives with you.

We are a new movement working to offer the best products to our friends and family.

We know it can be hard to understand what we are saying, from time-to-time, LOL, don´t worry, you´ll get used to us and I´m confident you´ll love us!

Woofs truly,


Sitka Farms is a company that provides Natural, Premium & Yummy treats and chews for all doggies around the USA through different channels. We have a catalog of products, especially for each moment of your dog’s life. Our products provide vitamins & proteins, your dog would have healthy teeth and gums, stronger hips and joints, and a perfect immune system.

Our Doggy Team partners up with excellent suppliers that are food safety certified and can provide us with the highest quality standard products, having control over all the production lines. We want to highlight that Dogs are the real owners of the company. They make the decisions; they are always part of our business meetings to improve the brand. Our main goal is to improve dog feeding up to get to the top of the industry, through our delicious and nutritious snacks; we are going to take dog feeding to the next level. We sell our products on different marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and our unique website.

We want to connect with our doggy customers through our unique and yummy Treats & Chews, offering high-quality ingredients to get incredible benefits like healthy teeth and gums, shiny skin and coat, and 100% natural & premium like your stylist life. We have beef, chicken, and pork flavors for small, medium and large dogs. We want to be in every part of your dog’s life.  


OUR PRODUCTS: Natural Dog Treats, Natural Dog Chews, Snacks for Dogs


COMPANY SIZE: 51-200 Employees


Diego Valderrama

CEO ( Cheif Execituv e Officer)

Milton Galindo

Business KAM

Luisa Espinel

Senior Graphic Designer

Diego Sierra

Supply & Inventory Administrator

Alejandro Castillo

Marketing Manager

Fabian Grazón

Business Intelligence

Isabel Chaparro

Business Manager