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Horoswoof May! Horoscope for Dogs

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TAURUS – Horoscope for dogs

Hey! my awesome torito this is the horoscope for dogs, you are still fluffy this month and ready to go out to the park. Did you feel something different days ago my love? Well, it wasn’t a flea, at least for now. A solar eclipse occurs on April 30th in Taurus. This eclipse will not only make you bark at your hoomans’ neighbors at 3 am but also will bring you new butts to sniff at your next walk and a glamorous life full of cuddles and snacks while you rest your bones.

Color: Blue

Snack of the month: Cheek Rolls


Yo there twinssss, Mercury isn’t good in your food but gurrrl don’t let me talk about it in your sign. This huge grey ball will retrograde from May 10th to June 3rd in Gemini and Taurus. Am I talking hooman to you? Let me translate, you’ll feel afraid of change but don’t worry is gonna be alright, maybe your human will introduce you to a new chick he’s dating, you can eat one of her heals and see her reaction just to prove she’s the one, take it easy.

Color: Fuchsia

Snack of the month: Cow ears


Is it raining cats and dogs? Cause unusually in May you my smol marshmallow will be firm as a rock and not just on the outside, as usual, this month you’ll feel a boost of power, you’ll jump benches and do all the tricks. Tried to walk backwards? Piece of cake. Roll over? Easy peasy. Nothing’s gonna stop you bad boi.

Color: Red

Snack of the month:  Beef trachea canoes.


OH MY WOW! You won’t believe me lil’ king. I know last month was a little bit harsh on you, hooman always making you eat lame snuuucs that gives you puffies and then taking you out of bed, the future is bright as your shiny eyes’ sweetie, you’ll find your perfect match sooner than you think, forget everything about tummy aches and bad moments.

Horoscope for Dogs (Leo Card)

Color: Green

Snack of the month: Beef sticks


Everybody knows you’re just different and unique, no one chew shoes like you, beauty, no one has their tiny nose as juicy hmmm, you just hit different. Are you ready to surPAWrise the whole world with your personality? Babe, I see some vacations coming and you’ll have to learn how to behave when you’re in the plain cause you’re visiting a new state or continent. Don’t worry, my spirit will be with you every second. Tippy Taps for what’s next, bon boyage!

Horoscope for Dogs (Virgo Card)

Color: Purple

Snack of the month: Healthy bites


Hey nerdy, you’ve been studying hard for your final exams with your trainer, don’t tell me otherwise I know it! you’re a hard worker and at the end all in your life will be worthy, the stars are moving on your favor bark, you’re a pawmazing doggy and your hooman will compensate that.

Horoscope for Dogs (Libra Card)

Color: Silver

Snack of the month: Rawhide twist


Take it easy with those claws, Scorpio! I’d say give me 4 but gurrrrl, you’ve been disregarding yourself lately, I disapprove bad behavior child! TAKE PAWDY NOTES OF THE HOROSCOPE FOR DOGS! I also pray to ¨Virgencita de Guadalupe¨ constantly for your sins, so she and I’ll give you a second chance. Please, stop eating that leftovers hooman forget to throw away, I know sometimes she’s away for long but, come one! I can teach you better.

Horoscope for Dogs (Scorpio Card)

Color: Orange

Snack of the month: Bully sticks


You’re an icon, you’re a quality friend and everybody knows it, honey are you ready for meeting new pals? I know during the last year you just spent lots of time with your hooman, seeing him sob and cry, now is your time to go out and meet buds to play with, I don’t wanna spoil your fun, but, bring some treats and remember… sharing is caring!

Horoscope for Dogs (Sagittarius Card)

Color: Ginger

Snack of the month: Pork Femur


OH YEAHHH! Here comes the flavor of the horoscope, here comes Capricorn. I know you love your crib during winter, but the ice is melting down and it’s time to go outside you’ve been hiding lately, bark till’ you get a hike, let’s get some air. Life’s wownderful, don’t let it pass.

Horoscope for Dogs (Capricorn Card)

Color: Navy blue

Snack of the month: Knee Caps


Don’t bark, don’t even blink aquarian doggy I know these last days you’ve felt stuck in the same routine, the same old toys, the well-known bitten furniture, not so much to brag about, honey, even when you don’t feel me, I’m with you just like fleas. May will bring you, new interests, you’ll be able to run behind people on bikes, to pee new places, don’t be shy, the world is your bone, chew it!

Horoscope for Dogs (Aquarium Card)

Color: Lime

Snack of the month: Cheek Chips


Is that tuna? Is that salmon? That’s my favorite sign on the wowwowowowoooorld. The best fish of the ocean, let me reveal that you’ll be enlightened with this information: the planet of expansion, Jupiter, starts of the year in lovely Pisces, but what does this mean in doggy terms and conditions? Easy puppy, you’ll turn to yourself and reclaim your place as the king or queen of your cave, so just ask for the best, it is time for your pops to be the best friends of the animal, never around!

Horoscope for Dogs (Pisces Card)

Color: Cream

Snack of the week: Cow Ears Bully Dusted


PAWfect, that’s how it feels to be with you, bae, you’re yourself and that could disgust the neighbor’s cat but keep on doing your stuff, there’s no life without a little bit of spice, am I wrong? Just like the tacos I ate last night……I trust you doggy, I know you can handle any challenge your moody times takes you on, but if they call the police…. catch me up, I got contacts 😉

Horoscope for Dogs (Aries Card)

Color: Cherry red

Snack of the week:  Bully Ring

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