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Pet Fashion Trends for Summer

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Hey there!! How are you Woofies? It’s Jimmy here, yeah Jimmy Chew, the one and only. For today’s table, I’m bringing a topic, or rather a trend, about how the pet fashion industry and pet fashion trends is getting its own space within the international brands. Yeah babes, luxury comes in 4 paws. How did it happen? Long ago, around the early 2000s, it started with Paris Hilton and her cutie Chihuahuas. Then Donatella Versace adding some embellishment to her Jack Russell Terrier with the finest collars. 
However, collars are not enough for us human, clothes are trendy and an example of this is my fantastic friend @Tikatheiggy on Instagram, she is just hot with all her designer-pieces, and everyone is bowing at her paws. Picture this: for her 10th birthday she received a Shantell Design Gown and Rolls-Royce gave her a ride around Montreal on its lastest Rolls-Royce Ghost. 
No worries, dear pup, there’s market for everyone in this pet fashion industry, from limited budget to high-end couture. But the question is… what’s trendy in pet fashion and how you can look like a diva or rock star? 

Twinning with your human!

A human couple! With their dog wearing the same clothes
The new trend of pet fashion! Are you ready to model those amazing outfits?

Pawmazing trend to wear with your hooman, it’s all about coordination, you can both wear matching bandanas, for a starter, or if you are more like me, and like that edgy extravaganza, you can wear Hawaiian shirts to the beach, or matching jackets in cold weather, woofuper!

Designer Woof!

A dog with designer clothes like off-white collars, we want to show a new pet fashion trend
In a world full of fashion designers! Dogs become our priority

For pets that want to level up the game, there are designer pieces, and of course, luxury brands are getting in on this pet fashion trend, because we need to feel woofincredible too. So, you have brands like Fendi, Versace, and Louis Vuitton to look fabulous in their leashes, t-shirts, coats, and more accessories; they are really giving it all. 


A dog wearing a jacket with a lot of colors like the tie-dye style
Crazy outfits for amazing and incredible dogs

This woof fashion trend is one to tie- dye for! The perfect outfit for summer, so fresh that you will want to own more than one piece. This psychedelic fashion will show how playful you are, and you can find several pieces from bandanas to hoodies, my dear furry, this is a must-have this summer. 
This is definitely our year, dear doggies; it’s time to show your personality and walk that catwalk in the street, bark and make and impact. Remember, you are a one of a kind pup. Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning with Jimmy and our pet fashion trends, specially for dogs. 
Jimmy Chew 

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