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Collagen Sticks for Dogs – 12 Inch

Moderate Chewer, Aggressive Chewer
5 - 25 pounds, 25 - 60 pounds, 60+ pounds

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Woof! Sitka Farms Collagen Sticks are paw-some for dogs like me who want to stay active, agile, and keep our fur looking fabulous. These delicious sticks are packed with all-natural, high-quality collagen that does wonders for our joints, skin, and overall well-being.

What makes these Collagen Sticks stand out from the pack, you ask? Well, they’re made with love and care by Sitka Farms, a brand that understands us four-legged friends like no other. These sticks are designed with our health and taste buds in mind, so every chew is a delight.

Imagine having more bounce in your step during playtime or on those adventurous walks. Thanks to the power of collagen, these sticks support joint health and can help reduce discomfort, so we can keep chasing our favorite toys and exploring new places.

Let’s not forget about our skin and coat! Sitka Farms Collagen Sticks promote a shiny, lustrous coat that makes heads turn at the dog park. Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to that radiant glow.

And the best part? These sticks are so easy to enjoy. Just sink your teeth into the savory goodness and savor the taste. No more fussing – just pure delight!

  • JOINT-BOOSTING MAGIC 🐶: These collagen sticks are like secret weapons for your joints! Say goodbye to stiffness and hello to endless playtime. Woof!
  • GLOSSY FUR ELIXIR 🐾: My fur has never looked this fabulous! With Sitka Farms Collagen Sticks, I’m a walking coat of perfection. Prepare to be amazed, fellow dogs!
  • ALL-NATURAL GOODNESS 🐕: No mysterious ingredients here! These sticks are made with pure, wholesome ingredients that keep my tummy happy and my tail wagging.
  • EASY CHEWING DELIGHT 🐕‍🦺: They’ve got just the right texture for my jaws of steel, but they’re also gentle on my teeth. Chewing has never been this satisfying!
  • TAIL-WAGGING TASTE 🍖: Every bite is a burst of flavor that makes me drool with delight. It’s like a taste explosion in my mouth, and I can’t get enough of it. Yum!

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Chewing style

Moderate Chewer, Aggressive Chewer

Dog weight

5 – 25 pounds, 25 – 60 pounds, 60+ pounds




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