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HappyTails Pack – Beef Sticks 5″ – Bully Sticks 6″ XL


Our Natural Dog Treat Bundle includes 50 Beef Stick (5 inches) and 10 Extra Large Bully Sticks (6 inches) For Every Stage of Life! Whether it’s for rewards or keeping your best buddy entertained when you both need it most, we’ve got a treat tailored to every phase of your life together! Experience top-notch protein with our 5-inch Beef Sticks and XL Bully Sticks for Dogs

Moderate Chewer
25 - 60 pounds

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SKU: BNDL-BS-5-50-B-6-XL-10

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The Crunchy Munchy Bully Sticks Trend! Yep, you might not have caught wind of this hype yet, but word is that crunchy and thick are a match made in heaven. That’s why we’ve cooked up an exciting pack that will set your tail wagging in happiness, like a helicopter in the sky. We all know that Bully Sticks for Dogs and beef sticks are powerhouse sources of protein, and today, by pure chance, you can find them in one place, teeming with benefits like dental care, digestion aid, natural goodness, and coat and joint care.

Say farewell to your monotonous daily diet and spice up your traditional dog food with a fun and nutritious twist. We’re confident you won’t regret it. And if your furry friend grapples with anxiety, now’s the perfect moment to tackle that challenge. We’re here to cater to your needs. You barked, and we answered your call, just like a trusty bat-signal.

Our Happytails pack delivers all the happiness and nutrition you’ve been seeking, all conveniently bundled together. What’s even better? It’s at an unbeatable price, like nothing you’ve seen before. And if you’re not up for becoming a millionaire, you can hop on the subscription train. Receive this pack on a monthly basis, and we’ll take charge of delivering joy and natural goodness right to your doorstep.

– Natural and Healthy Dog Treats
– Promotes Dental Care
– Enhances Diet
– Supports Strong Hips and Joints
– Provides Extra Thickness Sensation
– Delivers Authentic Beef Flavors
– Crafted from a Single Ingredient
– Fully Digestible and Safe
– Free from Rawhide
– Completely Free of Chemicals or Preservatives
– Ingredients: Real Beef
– Crunchy & Long Lasting
– Reward & Long Lasting Doggy Pack

For optimal results, limit consumption to one treat per day. In the unlikely event of contraindications, consult your veterinarian. Should you have any inquiries about the product, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
*Kindly note that the box is not included within the pack. You’ll receive one bag of each of the featured references. A stylish package is in the works and will be available soon, true to our standards.

Additional information

Chewing style

Moderate Chewer

Dog weight

25 – 60 pounds




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