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Beef Cheek Rolls 5-6″ Bully Dusted Premium Dog Treat Extra Thick

Moderate Chewer, Aggressive Chewer
25 - 60 pounds, 60+ pounds
Extra Hard, Hard

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Hey Doggies of all breeds! Our Bully coated Cheek Rolls Bully for dog are tasteful cow treats rich in proteins.  These cheek rolls are amazing treats that will help with aggressive chewers. And they will keep your teeth and gums clean by scraping away tartar and plaque.

In adittion, they are thick, long lasting and large, so you can stay at home chewing this for hours and doglaxing with the bully flavor all over the roll. They are like natural chew toys to play with, but better.

This treat is the proper wooflicatessen you should have after a meal, or even after a training session. It’s packed with beef protein and essential vitamins that will help your muscles recover faster; they are balanced and 100% digestive.

Sitka farms treats are made by a USA company and they are top premium dog treats: grass-fed cattle from South America. Trust me! You will enjoy them.

🥩 HIGH PROTEIN LOW IN FAT: Each cheek roll has enough beef protein and other essential vitamins to support a healthy diet.

🌳 100% ALL-NATURAL BEEF: Our bully dusted cheek rolls are made from high-quality, free-range, grass-fed beef.

🦷 PROMOTES DENTAL HEALTH: Durable and long-lasting, our bully dusted cheek rolls scrapes away tartar and plaque through chewing action.

👨🏼‍⚕️ FULLY DIGESTIBLE: Made of natural beef, these 100% digestible dog chews never splinter and are totally safe for your pet.

🦴 RAWHIDE FREE DOG CHEW: Minimally processed with no chemicals

Additional information

Weight 4.51 lbs
Dimensions N/A

4 Pack, 10 Pack

Chewing style

Moderate Chewer, Aggressive Chewer

Dog weight

25 – 60 pounds, 60+ pounds


Extra Hard, Hard

14 reviews for Beef Cheek Rolls 5-6″ Bully Dusted Premium Dog Treat Extra Thick

  1. Brown Family

    my 3 dogs love these and they are the perfect size for them to chew and not have to have 3 big pieces to put away i only let them have it for 30-45 min. at a time. then put up till the next time and the larger ones are fine but these are just more convenient size for us. plus it means there 3 dogs and three servings so i can give them new chews 3 times. plus 1 left over, the only thing 2 of my godg got too aggressive eating them and scrapped up there gums and had small blood spots on the chews but it hasnt happenet very often its when they get too excited and dont want me to take them away so they try to eat it like its food rather than a chewy treat which when they take there time to chew and soften it as they eat it thats when its best for them its just so.ething you should watch for so they dont hurt them selfs.

  2. Bailey Hooker

    The best option for aggressive chewers and to keep high energy pups busy. My crazy lab loves them, IÕm never stressed about choking hazards, and they don’t smell or make a big mess! HIGHLY recommend!

  3. Gene M

    These are the only chews that help keep her teeth clean and keep her interested.

  4. Brenda Garcia

    Super helpful and communitive company. Had a minor issue of stock when I first ordered but they shipped to me as soon as they restocked, which was suprisingly quick. My dogs loved these cheek rolls. I have two aggressive chewers that eat through anything in record time. However, these lasted them hours! Would definitely recommend you give them a try.

  5. Dani l Christens n

    Long lasting and good quality bones. Dog loves them and it keeps her busy for a long time.

  6. K Wendt

    Good quality. I may try getting the regular next time. He really liked the peanutbutter cheek chew I got at the store (they were out) and not too impressed with these even with peanutbutter dabbed on them. I think it’s more of a picky thing, though. They look great. Arrived in a zipplocked bag.

  7. Jack Solomon

    My dog loves these, and since she is not a bully breed they last basically indefinitely. Great!!

  8. Julia Kaplan

    Awesome long-lasting treat for my dog!

  9. Rosalind Grymonpre

    Keeps dogs busy

  10. Lori M

    It keeps our GSD and GoldenDoodle entertained for hours…
    When it’s too hot to go swimming or for a hike/walk this will keep them busy and in turn they are not bored. It is a win for all of us…
    Easy to clean up as our dogs are indoor/outdoor, they have their freedom to choose where they want to hang out…💚🐾

  11. Sfix and Dogs

    Nice distractions for the dogs when I need to get work done!!

  12. Kristen

    Fast shipping and well packaged. Excellent quality treats. Thank You!

  13. Emily Torres

    It’s long lasting treat for my dogs it does keep one busy for 30 mins and the other one is on and off with it but for sure keeps them busy and tired

  14. Pam

    These are wonderful chews and all 3 of my dogs like them even my little shitzu, and she doesn’t like anything! I like that they are safe, they don’t hurt my dogs stomach and they are easily digestible. I feel safe giving these to my dogs. Thankyou for making a great chew I,can trust!

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