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Benefits of Natural Dog Treats

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Attention Hoomans! This Website has been taken over by Dogs and we are going to talk about the Benefits of Natural Dog Treats!

Starting today you’re going to receive only messages from our doggies representatives, therefore I have taken the time to translate everything from my native doggyish language to your typical hooman language.

If you are reading this now, let me introduce myself, this is Jimmy Chew and I’ll be your blogger from now on. Most of my cousins, brothers, sisters, colleagues, and friends are lying in your sofas or even your beds as we speak because that’s really our place; don’t be mistaken, we are the ones sharing our spaces with you. So, wear your glasses, and let’s woufstart!

Natural natural natural… that’s what all humans are saying nowadays, yoga, sports, and healthy life, wouf!! And what about us? Well, let me inform you, that there are Sitka natural treats for us, and they are extremely yummy too! Filled with lots of benefits for us, they are chemical-free, low fat, and non-toxic. On the other paw, they are the ideal complement to your dog’s daily diet and the best way to reward your best friend when you’re training. Natural treats are what we need, and let’s dig deeper into this…

1st WARNING! We have demands and if you want to keep your shoes untouched and your couches puffy you better get to work:

  • Keep in mind our health is important and natural treats have vitamins, protein, minerals, and fiber which are all vital for our fit bodies.
  • Dental health is vital for our feeding, without teeth or having damaged gums it´s impossible for us to eat. Sitka chews help prevent these issues. These treats improve the smell of our breath, help clear out food leftovers, increase salivation, and stimulate and strengthen our gums.
  • They have amazing long-lasting treats which keep us entertained, and focused, and reduce our stress levels.
  • Natural chews help to control our weight by regulating our metabolism.
  • They also contribute to the reduction of food allergies and intolerances caused by normal processed dog food.

So Hooman! Don’t forget that these treats are a complement for our normal & boring food, it’s like Omega 3 for you (and this is just a comparison, remember that Sitka Natural treats are better) but they are not a substitute for our meals. Remember that if you want us to live longer and keep a healthy life, you must give us some of these amazing treats. Our fit bodies are our temples! Please take care of us and take advantage of the Benefits of Natural Dog Treats!

Sitka Farms Premium Beef Cheek Chips Chicken Breast 4x4 All Natural Chew No Odor

Woofs truly,

Jimmy Chew

Smell you later and check us out on our social media https://www.instagram.com/sitka_farms/!

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