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Bully Stick Regular – 6 Inch

Moderate Chewer, Aggressive Chewer
25 - 60 pounds, 60+ pounds
Hard, Medium

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Furry Friend! Bully Sticks are tasteful beef treats that will keep you calmed and busy for a long time. Its scent might be strong for your human, but its flavor is like a taste of heaven for us.

It’s about gaining essential amino acids for your muscles, tendons, and cartilage while you chew and play with these pawmazing sticks that improves dental health.

Bully Sticks are the answer to your dog’s prayers, let your human know that this is the perfect treat for playing and training in the park; so instead of throwing you dry sticks he can throw you a yummy Sitka Bully Sticks completely digestible. Yeah, It’s play time pups!

Sitka farms treats are premium dog treats, produced from the best ingredients out there: grass-fed cattle from South America. Trust me! You will enjoy them.

🥩 HIGH IN PROTEIN, LOW IN FAT: They are full of protein and other essential vitamins that support a healthy diet.

🦷 PROMOTES DENTAL HEALTH: Durable and long-lasting, Sitka Farms bully sticks naturally scrape away tartar and plaque from the gum line through chewing action.

🌳 100% ALL-NATURAL BEEF: Our bully sticks are made from high-quality, free-range, grass-fed beef becoming an EXCELLENT ALTERNATIVE TO RAWHIDE.

😬 AGGRESSIVE CHEWER-APPROVED: These bully sticks will keep your dog entertained. Free of any additives, hormones, or unhealthy chemicals.

👨🏼‍⚕️ FULLY DIGESTIBLE DOG TREAT: Rawhide-free made of natural beef, these 100% digestible dog chews never splinter and are totally safe for your pet.


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20 Pack, 40 Pack, 50 Pack

Chewing style

Moderate Chewer, Aggressive Chewer

Dog weight

25 – 60 pounds, 60+ pounds


Hard, Medium

12 reviews for Bully Stick Regular – 6 Inch

  1. Julianne Allison

    My puppy loves bully sticks and they are the only thing that can keep him busy for any length of time. I give him one at dinner time so we can have a peaceful meal. He gets one bully stick just about every day so I need a good supply of them. I found this package with 50 in it, so I decided to try them even though they were from a company I hadn’t purchased from before. The dog is happy with them so I am too.

  2. Ken_the _Mop

    It keeps my dogs busy for about an hour. But, they are skinnier than other bully sticks I’ve purchased. They have a strong odor so they need to be stored sealed.

  3. Kathleen Whittle

    So far, so good. The quality is very good on these bully sticks. I hope the quality stays that way. I was using another brand and they were good for years then started sending me these little thin things not even as big around as a pencil. At that point they were not worth the money. My dog loves them so can chew longer now with this new brand.

  4. Mindy Hilley

    I give these to my chihuahua and my Jack Russell and they chew for an hour. Very low odor. Highly recommend for smaller dogs due to their shorter length. Great value.

  5. Jennifer Product Junkie

    These were perfect. No skimpy sticks. Very happy with the size and amount. Will purchase again.

  6. EJF

    A little pricy when you have 2 dogs, but my puppy ( who chews EVERYTHING!!) loves them! No scent, last through the evening, and they eat the entire thing!!

  7. 7Slots

    These lasted wayyyy longer than a more expensive brand I was buying. My westies take 45 -60 minutes to finish one and other brands last 15 minutes. They are perfectly sized for their bully stick holders too! Some brands are too thick or too thin. These are consistently the right size.

  8. katytx

    I switched to Sitka because my former brand became irregular in sizing, became bendy and had sharp ends. I’ve ordered 5 or 6 of the Sitka brand. Every package was consistent. My dogs love it.

  9. Ayachan

    Got this at a great deal. My pug/pit went through it 15 to 20 minutes. She seems to love the flavor and it does have a stinky scent. Most likely won’t buy it again.

  10. Gail Townsend

    My girl loves these, they are affordable and don’t stink! She gets super excited when she sees the stick going into the holder! She’s a super chewer so they last about 25 minutes each. Very satisfied with the purchase!

  11. Tony Ellis

    I’ve tried many different brands on Amazon. I’m sticking with Sitka from now on

  12. Jo Ann

    These bully sticks last much longer than other brands. Our dogs love them. We love the peace and quite while they are entertained by their treats.

    Was very surprised when I opened the package to be met with such a pungent smell. Unfortunately, the smell has not diminished with time.

    All this being said, I would by them again, due to how much our dogs love them. I would have scored this treat as a 5 if the smell weren’t so bad. They arrived quickly and in good shape. No mold present, relatively uniform in shape and color.

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