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Which are the safest Bully Sticks for your dog?

which is the safest bully sticks for your dog

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Woof. woof! Attention dog lovers, we have some pawsome news for you! Sitka Farms starts Spring with the safest bully sticks for large, medium and small dogs from all breeds. Would you like to know which would perfectly match with your doggy or your puppy? Keep on reading and we will bark at you with some recommendations according to your dog’s size, age and breed. But first.. 

What are bully sticks and why are they so delicious to both dogs and pups?  

Hold tight, because what we are about to confess might make you shrink down: Bully Sticks are bull pizzles. Yes, pawl, as hard as it sounds. 

Those large and thin dog treats your furry friend likes to chew on so much are bull pizzles.  

According to our canine expert, Dr. Barkers, the reason we, dogs, find these beef pizzles a true delicacy is because of their savory bull taste and the fact that we can chew on them for hours.  

After getting cleaned, twisted, roasted, and dried, these 100% natural dog treats also end up having an irresistible scent that reminds us of the hunt. 


As K9 of Mine said on their blog for dog pawrents, some suppliers may refer to these crunchy delicacies as “beef tendons” or “dry muscles” — which they are‌, but only because your stomach can’t stand the fact that we are into licking and chewing a bull pizzles —- JK.

Seriously, some of these people add potentially harmful chemicals to their “dry muscles”, so they become odorless.

Don’t eat that bad cake and think of us. Always look for the safest bully stick for your best pawl.  

Besides being tasty and odorful, Are Bully Sticks actually Nutritious? 

I’m so offended by your question, human. My ancestors were wolves, which means I still crave meat, and I also know how to identify it and what it offers to me. Therefore, I assure you that beef is a complete source of amino acids, which improves your dog’s muscles, teeth, coat, and fur. They’re also a great option for nerdy dogs with allergies and sensitivities, for they are free from artificial chemicals, additives, and preservatives.  

As stated by the American Kennel Club, Bully Sticks are highly digestible 

Unlike other snacks, they don’t splinter like, for example, faulty rawhide chews or bad-cooked bones, so neither you nor your dog will have to worry about broken off pieces causing internal injuries. This makes beef pizzles a great long-lasting, safe, and healthy option for all shoe chewers and furniture terminators! 

Which Bully Stick should you choose according to your dog’s breed, age, and size? 

Puppies and doggies will relish the yummiest beef treat that suits their age, size and breed! Find out which one would be perfect for your best furry friend!

The safest Bully Sticks for small breeds and puppies 

Although they are very calorie dense — about 88 calories in one average 6 inch bully stick —,  bullies are a healthy, natural and fully digestible option for small dogs and puppies, if and when the little pawls are 6 months old, otherwise the Pawlice will imprison you for giving pizzles to an under age. Ok, that’s not happening, but it’s a recommendation to have in mind.

These treats are so thick and tough for a little pup that they can actually break their baby teeth.  

Bully Sticks Slim 

This would be the right treat option for your puppy and your small pooch. Besides being a yummy snack they can chew on for hours, and save the rest for later, they also help puppies to stimulate their jaw and develop healthy chewing habits during their training, keeping them further from your sweaty shoes and fur-niture.  

Ps, let me tell you something about these snacks: soon they’ll be available in Sitka Farms for your pup or your smol.

The safest bully sticks for medium dog breeds  

If someone told you to enjoy the puppy phase because it’s short, they are right. Puppies grow fast, and as we get larger, you must remember to move to bigger size chews.

But be careful. We are not like human kids who can eat enormous amounts of food and candy, if craving; you should watch over our calorie intake instead.  

Like we bark before, in order to keep a dog happy and fit, it’s important to feed us only with the calorie portion we need daily, so our body functions (breathing, metabolism, responsiveness, growth, digestion and excretion) work properly.  

Regular Bully Stick – 12 inch 

In this order, a medium dog breed requires almost 920 calories per day, which means the safest option for your pooch should be a Regular Bully Stick – 12 inch.

The best part of this long-lasting and yummy treat is that one of them will last, at least, from one to three days, depending on the chewing habits of your doggy.  

Sitka Farms Premium 12” Bully Sticks XL Jumbo Long Lasting for Aggressive Chewers All Natural / Healthy Teeth and Gums / Sourced from Free Range Grass Fed for Medium and Large Dogs
Bully Sticks Regular

The safest bully sticks for large to extra large dogs  

The larger the dog, the bigger the chew. If you have a doggo, we strongly recommend the XL Bully Sticks 12 inch, or Giant Bully Sticks. Soon available on Sitka Farm’s official website —. They’re not only extra hard and thick but also full of:  

  • Natural hormones 
  • Vitamins  
  • Something called calcium, which is — said by human experts  — a mineral that improves and strengthens our bones.  
Sitka Farms premium Bully Sticks 6 Inches Regular Natural Dog Chews
Bully Sticks XL

Despite being a significant source of nourishment for your dog. If your big furry friend is a veteran, you better give them a Regular Size Bullie or a slim one. Both options would be gentle with their teeth, while providing them with a healthy chewable experience.  

Don’t settle for less for your pet. Be the enslaved hooman you are thanks to your dog. Give ’em what they deserve! 

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